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Up to 80% energy saving

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The benefits of energy efficient lightbulbs

Our Green lighting solutions allow homeowners and businesses to retrofit their current globes & tubes with energy saving light bulbs, which delivers so many long term benefits including extensive power reductions and savings.

Some of our most popular products for both home and commercial use include:

  • 50w Halogens to either 10w or 6.5w LED energy saving light globes – between 250000 – 30000hrs life, various colours, low consumption = great savings
  • 36w T8 Fluorescent tubes to 22w T5 adaptor kits – Electronic start, no flicker, 36000hrs life, daylight temperature
Both product types have great payback periods, which means you start saving quickly and they can easily be installed without the need for an electrician.
For business customers, we can provide a detailed savings calculator which shows ROI and lifetime savings based on usage. All we need is a few simple pieces of information so we can make an assessment and calculate your savings with our energy saving light bulbs.

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